1. The First Dubs Are The Deepest - 40 Years of Dub PT 2

  2. 40 Years Of Dub

  3. New Decade Dub
    Mad Professor & Jah Shaka

  4. Mad Professor Meets Gaudi
    Mad Professor - Gaudi

  5. Ariwa Riddim Series 2018

  6. Dubbing With Anansi

  7. Samba Dub

  8. Losing Dub
    Mad Professor & The Robotiks

  9. Anti Bleaching Dub

  10. Strong Strong Dub

  11. Aloha Ariwa Hawaii
    Mad Professor & Susan Cadogan

  12. Audio Illusions Of Dub

  13. Dub & Day

  14. Country Dub
    Mad Professor & The Robotiks

  15. Dub You
    Mad Professor & The Robotiks

  16. Prophecy Dub
    Mad Professor & The Robotiks

  17. Zion Is Dub

  18. Dub The Planet

  19. Kunte Version

  20. Masquerade Dub
    Mad Professor & The Sane Inmates

  21. The Next Revolution Will Be Dubwise
    Mad Professor / Dark Fantom / Sly & Robbie

  22. Afrocentric Dub: Black Liberation Dub Chapter 5

  23. Dub O Tronic

  24. Dub Take The Voodoo Out Of Reggae
    Mad Professor & Lee Scratch Perry

  25. The Evolution of Dub: Black Liberation Dub, Chapter 3

  26. Ultimate Experience - It's A Mad, Mad,Mad Professor

  27. Dub Me Crazy Part 10: Psychedelic Dub

  28. Dread Dub
    Mad Professor & The Robotiks

  29. Ffwd Into Dub

  30. A Caribbean Taste Of Technology

  31. English Dub Connection

  32. Jordan River

  33. Electro Dubclubbing

  34. The Roots Of Dubstep

  35. The Dubs That Time Forgot

  36. Sci Fi 3: Volcanic Dub
    Mad Professor & Mafia & Fluxy - Feat Joe Ariwa

  37. Dub Of Jihad / Rewired To Dub Pt 2
    Mad Professor and Joe Ariwa

  38. Babylon Kingdom Of Dub
    Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa

  39. New Galaxy Of Dub Sci Fi2
    Mad Professor Meets Mafia And Fluxy

  40. Mad Professor Captures Pato Banton
    Pato Banton - Mad Professor

  41. Mad Professor Meets Scientist At The Dub Table
    Mad Professor & Scientist

  42. Trix In The Mix

  43. Rewired For Dub
    Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa Feat Horace Andy

  44. Dub Me Crazy 2: Beyond The Realms Of Dub
    Mad Professor ‎

  45. Sci Fi Dub Series 1: From Mars With Dub

  46. Dub You Crazy With Love

  47. Dub You Crazy With Love ( Part 2 )
    Mad Professor And The Mad Men Band

  48. Techno Dub

  49. Under The Spell Of Dub

  50. Anti-Racists Dub Broadcast

  51. Dub Me Crazy 3: The African Connection

  52. Black Liberation Dub

  53. The Lost Scrolls Of Moses

  54. Dub Me Crazy

  55. Dub Me Crazy 4: Escape To The Asylum Of Dub

  56. Dub Me Crazy Part 5: Who Knows The Secret Of The Master Tape

  57. Dub Me Crazy 6: Schizophrenic Dub

  58. Dub Me Crazy 7: The Adventures Of A Dub Sampler

  59. Dub Me Crazy 8: Experiments Of The Aural Kind

  60. Dub Me Crazy Part 9 - Science And The Witch Doctor

  61. Dub Me Crazy 12: Dub Maniacs On The Rampage

  62. Hi-jacked To Jamaica


Mad Professor UK

.Mad Professor is one of the leading figures in Dub.
Having started building electronic equipment in the seventies, Neil Fraser evolved into building mixing desks and sound effect units.
He opened his self built recording studios in 1979 attracting a variety of artists and musicians. From Sister Audrey, Mikey Dread, Ruts DC, Plato Banton, Aisha,Sgt Pepper
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